Marylebone man found with SIX guns is jailed for 27 years

Babatunde Arogundade

Babatunde Arogundade - Credit: Archant

A man from Marylebone who was caught with a deadly arsenal of SIX firearms has been jailed for plotting to flood the streets with drugs and guns.

Nicole Douglas

Nicole Douglas - Credit: Archant

Babatunde Arogundade, of Westmacott House in Hatton Street, was arrested as part of an intelligence lead operation in Hemel Hempstead after officers stopped a car he was travelling in.

Inside the boot they discovered the weaponry which included a handgun, a shortened pump action shotgun and a sawn-off shotgun together with ammunition.

The 28-year-old was linked to an earlier discovery of a kilo of pure cocaine in a car Nicole Douglas, 28, from Wembley, was travelling in.

A further search of Douglas’ home uncovered a large quantity of a cutting agent which would be used to increase the value of the drugs from £60,000 to up to £250,000.

A second man Fred Jones-Lartey, 34, from Bromley, was arrested six months later.

At an earlier trial, Arogundade was convicted of conspiracy to supply controlled drugs, possession of loaded firearms and possession of unloaded firearms and Jones-Lartey was found guilty of conspiracy to supply controlled drugs.

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Douglas admitted conspiracy to supply a controlled drug.

Last week, Arogundade was sentenced to a total of 27 years, Douglas was jailed for four years, and Jones-Larty must serve 12 years.

Detective Inspector Keely Smith, investigating officers, said: “This case has prevented six firearms from reaching the streets of London and having potentially lethal outcomes.

“I believe Arogundade was looking to sell the weapons on to those who would be willing to use them.

“This investigation highlights the work my team is doing on a day-to-day basis to keep the community safe.”