Man jailed for scamming Brent and Bedfordshire Councils in £106k benefit fraud

Kelvin Arnold Kalloo has been jailed for benefit fraud

Kelvin Arnold Kalloo has been jailed for benefit fraud - Credit: Archant

Kelvin Kalloo falsely claimed he was blind and disabled for six years

Kaloo captured on CCTV

Kaloo captured on CCTV - Credit: Archant

A fraudster who pocketed more than £106,000 in benefits by pretending to be blind and disabled while working at his family business has been sent to jail.

Kelvin Kalloo claimed Direct Payments from Brent and Bedfordshire County Council so he could employ a carer during his six-year long scam.

But in reality the 34-year-old from Dunstable in Bedfordshire, was ‘paying’ his wife as his ‘carer’, working at his family business in Watford market, driving three cars and receiving an additional income from four properties he owned.

Harrow Crown Court heard that between 2002 and 2008, Kalloo claimed £70,000 from adult social services in Brent to pay for a carer and was given a blue disabled badge.

He was claiming the same benefit from Bedfordshire County Council, receiving £27,000 between 2002 and 2006.

Brent Council launched an investigation into Kalloo after his case was noted as being at high risk of fraud in 2008.

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The probe was also done on behalf of Bedfordshire Council.

Investigators grew increasingly suspicious after officers visited his home and found a letter that had supposedly been addressed to his carer at his address.

He was put under surveillance where he was seen driving, working and walking unaided despite claims that he had been injured in a car crash.

Last December, he was convicted of ten counts of fraud after a seven-week trial during which jurors heard Kalloo had pocketed a total of £106,687.40.

Sentencing was adjourned until yesterday when he was jailed for 30 months.

Cllr Ruth Moher, Brent Council’s Deputy Leader and Lead Member for Corporate Resources, said: “Fraud against the social care system directly affects some of the most vulnerable members of our community.

“Brent Council is determined to root out fraud in this and all our services and take the strongest possible action against fraudsters.

“It is unfair that while times are hard for many in Brent a very small minority of people think it’s OK to make fraudulent claims for benefits and services. This sentencing sends out a clear message to anyone who may try to defraud Brent Council - we will investigate and prosecute anyone we can.”

Kalloo faces being stripped of his assets at a confiscation hearing which will be held in July.