Man found guilty of murdering Kensal Green man

Daniel Anthony Bidace will be sentenced tomorrow

Daniel Anthony Bidace will be sentenced tomorrow - Credit: Archant

Daniel Anthony-Bidace shot Dothan Gordon before attempting to murder his disabled partner

A man who went on the run following the brutal shooting of a Kensal Green man and the attempted killing of his disabled partner has been found guilty of murder and attempted murder.

Daniel Anthony-Bidace, 30, murdered 32-year-old father-of-three Dothan Gordon before attempting to kill his partner as she lay helpless in bed at their home.

The court heard that Bidace, who was known to Mr Gordon, shot him and opened fire on Mr Gordon’s partner, who recognised Bidace, before fleeing the scene on a motorcycle.

Mr Gordon’s partner’s disability prevented her from escaping her bed and only a jammed gun prevented Bidace from killing her too.

The court heard how Bidace had travelled by motorbike to Mr Gordon’s home address in Ealing arriving at approximately midday on June 20 last year.

Bidace made his way into the home where the two men spent a number of hours together.

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He was introduced to Mr Gordon’s disabled partner. Believing that she recognised Bidace she questioned him as to whether they had met previously. Insisting the two had not met he left her room and rejoined Mr Gordon.

At around 1:30pm Mr Gordon’s partner was visited by two females - one of whom was carrying a baby. They were shown to the bedroom where they all remained.

Shortly after at around 2:20pm, Mr Gordon’s partner heard a loud bang from within the home and moments later the door to her bedroom opened and Bidace fired at her.

Police and the London Ambulance Service attended the flat and Mr Gordon was found in the living room

Officers eventually traced Bidace on June 24 in Ipswich and he was charged with murder, attempted murder and possession of a firearm.

Detective Chief Inspector Dave Rock, of the Trident Gang Command, said: “This was a brutal and violent attack on a father of three children in his own home. Not only did Bidace murder Dothan he callously then sought to take the life of Dothan’s partner who, due to her disability, was unable to move from her bed and protect herself. Had the gun not jammed there is a strong possibility that there could have been multiple victims that day.

“Bidace has shown no remorse for murdering Dothan, neither has he shown any remorse for the injuries he has inflicted on Dothan’s partner.”

His cousin, Antoine Joseph, who bought the motorbike Bidace escaped on, was found not guilty of assisting an offender.

Bidace, from West Brompton, south west London, will be sentenced at the Old Bailey tomorrow, Wednesday June 12.