Leaders in Mohammed Emwazi’s former community call for calm

Media outside flats in west London believed to be where Mohammed Emwazi used to live, Emwazi has tod

Media outside flats in west London believed to be where Mohammed Emwazi used to live, Emwazi has today been named in reports as Islamic State's "Jihadi John". - Credit: PA Wire/Press Association Images

Community leaders in Queen’s Park have appealed for calm and unity in the wake of the revelation that the notorious terrorist Mohammed Emwazi grew up in the area.

Leaders in the Mozart Estate have said the news has not caused tensions between the estate’s different communities - but they have appealed for the good relations to continue.

Omar Said from South Kilburn Muslim Community Association said: “His actions are completely against our faith and it’s not part of our religion.

“Whatever he’s done comes from his own desires, it’s nothing to do with Islam, the Q’uran, or the teachings of our prophet Mohammed.” He added that local mosques had been teaching worshippers to respect Islam’s ethos as peaceful.

He said: “We always deliver to our communities that when people are acting like this it is nothing to do with Islam - it is clearly against it. Islam is a peace-loving religion.”

He added that the news had not affected community relations in the area. “Everything is normal at the moment, it hasn’t affected anything,” he said. “I hope that people will continue to live together peacefully.”

On the day Emwazi’s identity was revealed, Moolana Abdul Mukith, 44, stopped on his way into Harrow Road Jamme Mosque, a mere stone’s throw from Emwazi’s former home, to denounce ISIS. He told the Wood & Vale: “I don’t like these jihadi people.”

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Westminster North MP Karen Buck also focused on the importance of the strong Queen’s Park community, saying: “Our first thoughts are with all of victims of ISIS terror. Obviously this man must be held accountable for his crimes, but it’s also very important that the local community continues in its strong tradition of good community relations.”

Queen’s Park councillor Paul Dimoldenberg added: “This was a total surprise to me; as far I’m aware the family is just an ordinary family living in the area.

“The atrocities it is alleged that he is responsible for are an absolute disgrace but it’s nothing to do with the family or the rest of the community in the Mozart Estate.

“I hope the understandable press interest subsides so the community can get back to normal life.”