Kingsbury allotment holders slam police reaction over tools thefts

Angry gardeners claim cops ignored reports that suspect crooks were selling stolen goods at car boot sale

Angry allotment holders say police failed to turn up at a car boot sale despite telling them that their stolen garden tools were being sold.

The angry gardeners have been left reeling after they waited for three hours for police at the sale in Tottenham, hours after their sheds were broken into on October 16.

Crooks stole thousands of pounds worth of gardening equipment after breaking into sheds at the allotment site in Old Kenton Lane, Kingsbury, at 7am.

Four hours later, after receiving a tip-off, several gardeners went to the sale where they recognised their gear and called police after confronting the sellers.

Maria Abreu, from Colindale, told the Times the sellers ran away but returned when officers failed to turn up.

She said: “We told the police they were selling our tools and they said they would send someone down.

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“We waited and waited and no-one turned up so we called again and were told some officers would be there.”

Ms Abreu said after two hours of waiting the sellers realised the police hadn’t turned up so cheekily returned to the sale to retrieve the vehicles that they had left behind.

She added: “The car boot sale had finished and we were left waiting.

“The police obviously don’t take these thefts seriously enough.”

Peter Watson, another gardener, told the Times he was unhappy with the way police dealt with the matter.

He said: “There was an awful lot of equipment stolen and the police took hours to come down. They really aren’t interested.

“They sent a PCSO down who said forensics wouldn’t bother visiting here.

“But, a couple of hours later, they turned up so he obviously didn’t know what he was talking about. It’s abysmal.”

A spokeswoman for Haringey Police said the matter was being investigated, adding: “We regret that on this occasion police were unable to provide the level of service that was rightly expected and that we strive to achieve.”

A spokeswoman for Brent Police confirmed someone from Fryent Safer Neighbourhood Team went to the scene.

yAnyone with information about the break-in should call the incident room or call 020 8733 3249 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.