Kensal Rise residents slam Brent Council over removal of toilets for Notting Hill Carnival revellers

Anger as visitors to annual event urinate in their gardens

Fuming residents have slammed the council after it stopped providing portable toilets for Notting Hill Carnival revellers without telling anyone.

Residents of Kensal Rise were shocked to discover that nine portable toilets which have been in three locations in the area for the past 4 carnivals were not being provided this year by the council.

The toilets were first put in place following complaints from residents that their gardens, walls and the pavements outside their homes were awash with urine from carnival-goers.

Residents said the toilets had an immediate positive impact on their lives during the carnival, while also helped ensure revellers had a safe place to relieve themselves.

Andy Bradfield, of Kensal Triangle Residents’ Association, said: “I thought it was ominous that the toilets had not been dropped off by Saturday but then Sunday morning came and they were still not there.

“Before the toilets were here it was hideous – like going back to Victorian London, but then they came in at it was pretty much sorted.

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“Without them the roads can turn into an open sewer. You also feel desperately sorry for the people enjoying the carnival as they are not being provided with anywhere to go.”

Jessie Trace, of Berens Road, said: “We were expecting the toilets as usual but there were none. It is not very pleasant at all and I even looked out of my window and saw women going in front gardens.

“We got no notice at all from the council that they were not going to provide the toilets this year. We felt like we just left to suffer on our own and you do wonder why you pay your council tax.”

A Brent Council spokesman said: “The council has no dedicated budget for the provision of portable toilets at the Notting Hill Carnival.

“Whilst the council has made a contribution to their provision in previous years, wider budget constraints have meant that was not possible this year.

“There is no long standing arrangement to provide portable toilets and decisions must be based on the availability of funding on a year to year basis.

“The council’s Control Room received no problem reports from the Police or the public this year as a consequence. Decisions on future provision will take into account Police advice and availability of resources.”