Colindale allotment murder: Jury retires at the retrial of man who allegedly strangled an elderly widow with a lawnmower flex

Lea Adri-Soejoko. Picture: Met Police

Lea Adri-Soejoko. Picture: Met Police - Credit: Archant

Jurors have retired to decide if the alleged killer on trial strangled an 80-year-old widow with a lawnmover flex in a Colindale allotment.

The body of Lea Adri-Soejoko - also well-known by her maiden name of Lea Hulselmans - was found by police with a cord wrapped around her neck in a locked shed in Sheaveshill Avenue on February 28 2017.

Rahim Mohammadi, 42, of Goldsmith Road, Hackney, stands accused of murdering the elderly grandmother at an Old Bailey retrial. The first case in February collapsed after a jury failed to reach a decision.

Today the newly selected jury retired to discuss the evidence that has been put before them over the last six weeks.

Mrs Adri-Soejoko was reported missing by colleagues on February 28 when she failed to turn up to a meeting in Barnet.

Despite frantic calls by her daughter and granddaughter there was no answer on her mobile phone.

Police officers immediately searched the allotment while the family continued to phone her.

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The sound of a mobile phone ringing led them to a small mower shed, padlocked shut.

When they forced open the door they found Mrs Adri-Soejoko’s lifeless body inside, which had been covered with an old blue coat.

She was lying in an absolutely straight line with the plastic handle of a Mountfield lawnmower pressed against her neck and the starter cord used as a ligature and “wrapped tight against her neck”.

Mohammadi has consistently maintained his innocence.