Jailed: Violent Wembley robber who ripped the earrings out of a 75-year-old woman’s ears

Manoj Gorsia has been jailed for five years

Manoj Gorsia has been jailed for five years - Credit: Archant

A violent robber who ripped the earrings out of his elderly victim’s ears after tricking his way into her Wembley home has been jailed and banned from entering any private property in London.

Manoj Gorsia, 28, of Beatrice Avenue, Wembley, also yanked a chain off the 75-year-old woman’s neck after he pushed her over inside her house in Charterhouse Avenue.

Harrow Crown Court heard he claimed he carried out his cowardly crime after he gained entry by claiming he working for a gas company in December last year.

He was caught by DNA left on several pieces of paper he left behind after fleeing the scene.

Last week he was jailed for five years and issued with a criminal behaviour order which some into effect after he leave prison.

The five-year long order bans him from entering the driveways, gardens or yards of any residential property within London without a reasonable excuse and he has also been issued with a restraining order which prohibits him from entering Charterhouse Avenue.

Detective Constable Martina English from Brent Forensic Conversion Team said: “Bogus callers are the most callous people as they often target older and more vulnerable people and will try to trick or con their way in.

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“I hope that Gorsia’s imprisonment brings some form of justice to his victim. This sentence serves as a clear reminder we will use every means available to us to catch those whose intent on breaking the law and bring them to justice with the strongest and most compelling evidence against them.”