Jailed: Sex offenders counsellor who raped a woman in Wembley Park in 1991

Geoffrey Jones raped the women near Wembley Park station (pic: Google)

Geoffrey Jones raped the women near Wembley Park station (pic: Google) - Credit: Archant

A convicted rapist who became a counsellor for sex offenders has been jailed again for a brutal attack on a young woman in Wembley almost 25 years ago.

Geoffrey Jones, 46, pounced on the 21-year-old victim as she left Wembley Park tube station on a summer’s night in 1991.

The father-of-four said he carried out the attack in a fit of ‘misogynistic rage’ whilst in a downward spiral of heroin addiction.

He dragged her to a basement where he forced her to perform oral sex and raped her – using her own jumper as a blindfold to prevent her identifying him.

Jones, who was born Geoffrey Pepper, threatened to kill the woman if she told the police or anyone else about the attack before releasing her.

Although the victim did go to police and swabs were taken, technology at the time could only identify Jones’ blood type, which is shared by one in four people.

Police did arrest and question Jones – who was sleeping rough at the time – but thought they had insufficient evidence to charge him. She was the second victim of three almost identical rapes Jones committed in the space of a few weeks that July.

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He was convicted of the two identical attacks after trial at the Old Bailey in 1992 and jailed for 13 years.

When he was in prison he worked with other sex offenders, knowing that he was responsible for an unsolved attack.

A cold case review last year resubmitted swabs taken from the victim for analysis which proved a match with his DNA.

Jones, from Yeovil, Somerset, pleaded guilty to one charge of rape, one charge of robbery and two charges of indecent assault at Southwark Crown Court in December.

Last week he was jailed for seven years.