IKEA sponsors car to help Stonebridge Safer Neighbourhood Team drive out crime

Swedish furniture company will fund vehicle for the next 12 months

The fight to drive out criminality in the borough has been given a boost by a Swedish furniture company.

IKEA in Brent Park have given Stonebridge Safer Neighbourhoods Teams (SNT) the keys to a car which they have sponsored for the next 12 months.

The car will allow the SNT to be more reactive to local problems, transport prisoners quickly to police stations and give the team the ability to get to the community faster.

It will also be used for transporting heavy equipment such as tables and crime prevention material to police surgeries and crime prevention events. The car would not be used in a response mode.

A similar vehicle was used successfully last year in an operation targeting van thieves who were stealing expensive tools from the vans of IKEA customers.

A professional criminal team was arrested and prosecuted through the courts after they were caught red handed by SNT officers using unmarked vehicles like the new sponsored car.

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IKEA will provide the funding for the car, whilst Brent Police will cover costs for fuel and minor repairs to the vehicle.

PC Hamish Watson from Stonebridge Safer Neighbourhoods team said: “I am very grateful to IKEA for providing us with this car. This will benefit our team greatly and allow us to carry out our duties in relation to the vast community we serve without impacting on the core response fleet. It will enable us to be deployed within the local ward and ensure a better service to the community.”

Juvencio Maeztu, IKEA Wembley store manager said: “Here at IKEA Wembley we are committed to contributing positively to our local community, so we are pleased to show our support by assisting the Safer Neighbourhoods Team with their work.

“Working together we hope to ensure a safe and enjoyable shopping experience for all of our visitors.”