Hunt to find distraction burglars who struck in Kilburn

The hunt is on to find two cowardly distraction burglars who stole cash from an elderly woman in Kilburn after one of them claimed he was a water board official.

The smartly dressed man conned his way into the victim’s home in Belsize Road, after claiming he needed to gain entry to check her water vales on Wednesday at around 12.30pm.

While he distracted his target another man sneaked in and stole £45 from her purse.

The ‘water board official’ is white and was wearing a brown long-sleeved shirt, brown trousers and smart shoes.

Det Con Joel Pailes from Camden Police said: “Bogus callers come in many guises. This is one of many excuses they use to trick their way into the homes of people, usually preying on the elderly and most vulnerable members of our community. I would like to warn everybody to be on their guard and not to let anyone, who calls unexpectedly into your home, even if they do have an identity pass on them. Ask them to return when you are with a family member or friend.

“A genuine caller will not mind if you do this.”

Residents are being urged to call 999 immediately if someone suspicious calls at their door.