Hostel killer thought Harlesden victim was doctor who made his girlfriend go on the pill

Jenny Foote lived in Harlesden

Jenny Foote lived in Harlesden - Credit: Archant

A hostel resident who killed a care worker from Harlesden believed she was the doctor who had forced his girlfriend to go on the contraceptive pill as he attacked her, a court heard.

Michael Meanza is accused of killing Jenny Foote

Michael Meanza is accused of killing Jenny Foote - Credit: Archant

Jenny Foote, 38, who lived in Craven Park, was battered to death with a fire extinguisher by 47-year-old Michael Meanza at the hostel in Acton.

Meanza has admitted killing her after she asked him three times to turn down the volume as he watched the live album by The Doors on his television.

He told the Old Bailey after her third request he went downstairs to see if she had made the report of the noise.

He said: “If she made the report I could be evicted. I wouldn’t be able to go and see my girlfriend the following day.

“She opened the door and she said ‘You know you’re not going to see your girlfriend now. You’ll be evicted’.

“I turned round and the fire extinguisher was there and I started using it.”

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He claimed that things had started to get hazy, and he began to think of Ms Foote as the doctor who had given his girlfriend birth control pills.

He said: “I knew it was Jenny, but it was the connectedness that was making me think that she had put my girlfriend on the drugs as well.”

When asked if he could remember stopping the attack, he said: “Just about.

“I looked down and I thought “What have I done?”

Meanza had been subject to a hospital order since the 1990s, but despite threatening to kill his psychiatrist and a nurse in 2013 had been released back into the community.

He denies murder claiming he is guilty of manslaughter as he was suffering from ‘severe anger pathology’ at the time.

The trial continues.