High Court orders Willesden mother locked in family feud to sell her �1m home

Judge rules large semi-detached house in Staverton Road must be put on the market

A Willesden mother has been ordered to sell her �1million home as soon as possible to help end a family dispute.

A High Court judge has ruled that Umea Ahluwalia, 47, of Staverton Road, must sell the large semi-detached house which she jointly owns with her mother.

The High Court heard she fell out with her next-door neighbours - her mum, Kaushalya, 73, and brother and sister, Rajesh, 49, and Shweta, 37 - many years ago.

Allegations and counter-allegations have been hurled in either direction and the police and emergency services called into action on numerous occasions.

With parallel cases ongoing in three different courts, a judge last year ordered that the house, which is split into three flats, in one of which Uma lives, be sold.

However, the mother-of-one said she needs to hold on to the house so she can bring her six-year-old son home from the US to live with her and she will be left on the streets by doing so.

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On Tuesday, she tried to overturn the sale order, claiming she would be left homeless, but Judge David Mackie QC said it should go ahead in a case of “irretrievable” family breakdown.

He added the relationship between the parties had become “bitter” and he had never seen a letter from daughter to mother written in “such severe terms” as one penned by Ms Ahluwalia.

He said: “The quicker this property is disposed of to narrow the extent of the bitter and irrational disputes between the parties, the better.”

The judge ordered that Uma pay �2,500 on account of costs in the appeal, but her sister, Shweta, said the case had already cost the family more than �30,000 in legal bills.

The property is expected to be sold at auction next month.