Harlesden distraction burglar banned from cold-calling homes in England and Wales

Cowardly crook would dupe elderly resident to steal their cash and valubles

A distraction burglar who went on to target further victims in Brent after her release from jail has been banned from cold-calling homes in England and Wales.

Sukhinder Kaur has been slapped with the five-year long Asbo after she slipped back into her old ways while on licence from prison.

The 41-year-old from Leeds, was initially jailed for 30 months for 11 counts of distraction burglary after she duped her way into elderly resident’s homes and stole their cash or valuables.

After her release last year, she struck a further three times in Harlesden again targeting elderly residents.

Last week, she admitted three counts of distraction burglary and was handed down a suspended 12 month jail sentence and the Asbo.

Under the terms of the order she is banned from calling at anyone’s home in England and Wales whether by doorbell, telephone knocking or by any other means for the next five years except to visit a relative.

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If she needs to visit someone she is not related to she must seek their permission before doing so.

Chief Inspector for Safer Neighbourhoods, Taff Thomas said: “The police treats anti social behaviour seriously and we will in conjunction with the local authority, pursue offenders and take out appropriate ASB orders against them, to prevent further offending and secure the future safety of residents in Brent and neighbouring Boroughs by reducing the opportunity for such crimes to be perpetrated against the community by prolific offenders like Kaur.”

Cllr Lincoln Beswick MBE, a Harlesden- resident and Brent Council’s lead member for crime prevention and public safety said: “I am delighted by this order.

“It gives us a chance to make life a bit safer for our residents and to look beyond our boarders helping to shield older people from this criminal who repeatedly prays on them.

“It again reinforces the message criminals will eventually learn you cannot get away with it in Brent.”

If you witness Kaur breaching the order you should call Brent Anti Social Behaviour Team on 0208 733 3932 or 0208 733 3940