Hairdresser kicked out of West Hampstead salon in rent row with landlord

Marva Gordon at her salon before baliffs emptied its contents (Pic: Adam Tiernan Thomas)

Marva Gordon at her salon before baliffs emptied its contents (Pic: Adam Tiernan Thomas) - Credit: Archant

A hairdresser in West Hampstead has vowed to take legal action against her new landlord after she was thrown out of her salon in a row over her rent.

Marva Gordon, who has run Hair By Marva in West End Lane for four years, claims Brendan McGowan has evicted her from the premises for no reason as she has paid her rent on time.

She has shown documents to the Times that indicates she has been paying her rent.

“I can’t believe it, I’m so scared,” she said.

“I have paid my rent. With my previous landlord I paid weekly so that’s what I was doing, then on December 21 he told me to stop and pay monthly. I told him I’d pay at the end of this month, and I have, before it’s due.”

However Mr McGowan, who took over the property in October, claims she does owe rent.

He told the Ham & High: “She (Ms Gordon) forfeited her lease by not paying her rent. She will have to contact the bailiffs.”

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The Ham & High made a number of follow-up calls to McGowan which he has failed to return.

Two days after she was locked out she faced further misery today when bailiffs returned to remove the contents in the salon and cut off her electricity and water.

Items removed includes an envelope containing £2,000 owed to a company she sells real Brazilian and Peruvian hair extensions on behalf of.

The 49-year-old, who lives in Willesden, disputes whether the baliffs who arrived were genuine claiming she believes they are associates of Mr McGowan.

She said: “I don’t know where my stuff is, he won’t answer my phone calls. Bailiffs don’t behave like that.

“I can’t go back there and I don’t know what to say to my clients, I just tell them to hold on.”

Ms Gordon said police have told her it’s a civil matter so she will take legal action against Mr McGowan for the return of ‘her livelihood’ which includes styling chairs, hair products, mirrors and her receptionist desk.

She said: “What he’s doing is illegal and he’s getting away with it.”

A police spokesman confirmed to the Ham & High that the case is a “civil matter”.