“Good Samaritans” who saved stabbed schoolboy from Brent come forward

James Donaldson (left) and Liam Duggan provided medicial assistance to Jahmal nearby Finsbury Park S

James Donaldson (left) and Liam Duggan provided medicial assistance to Jahmal nearby Finsbury Park Station (pic credit: Jonathan Goldberg) - Credit: Archant

Two “Good Samaritans” who saved the life of a Brent schoolboy after he was stabbed by robbers have come forward after reading an appeal in the Times.

Jahmal Swaby (picture credit: Jan Nevill)

Jahmal Swaby (picture credit: Jan Nevill) - Credit: Archant

Liam Duggan, 28, and James Donaldson, 30, came to the aid of 15-year-old Jahmal Swaby, after he was ignored by passers-by and motorists despite his potentially fatal injuries.

The teenager was knifed in the chest outside Finsbury Park Station by robbers who wanted to steal his Louis Vuitton scarf.

Two weeks ago Jahmal made an appeal through the Times to try to find the two men who gave him first aid and called for an ambulance.

Mr Duggan, who lives in Haringey but is originally from Galway, Ireland, said: “We are no heroes; we were just doing what any decent human being would have done.

“If any of my family members were caught in a similar situation, I’d like to think that a member of the public would do the same. We are just happy the lad is OK.”

Mr Douggan and Mr Donaldson were making their way home from a pub in Finsbury Park, when they saw Jahmal staggering towards them, clasping his bleeding chest.

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Mr Donaldson, who lives in Highbury, but is originally from County Mayo, said: “He told us that he had been stabbed and lifted up his top to show us the wound. We couldn’t just leave him there all bloodied up, especially after seeing the wound.”

The pair, who are both carpenters, told him not to panic, positioned him on the ground and put pressure on the wound to reduce the loss of blood.

Mr Donaldson said: “He is young – no one should be in that type of situation at his age. We were just happy that we could help. He is OK now so that is the main thing,”

Jahmal, who lives in Stonebridge, was rushed to Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel, where he stayed for two days to receive treatment for a four-inch stab wound.

He said: “I’m sure that I would not be here today if it wasn’t for their help.”

Adrian Williams, 35, Jahmal’s brother, became his legal guardian following the death of their mother two years ago.

He had loaned Jahmal the scarf the robbers tried to steal.

He said: “I appreciate what they’ve done for my brother. We lost our mother two years ago so it would have been unbearable for me to lose Jahmal as well.”

Two youths aged 14 and 17 who were arrested in connection with the attack have been bailed to return to a police station next month.

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