Couple who were moved from Wembley hostel after homophobic assault are attacked again in Neasden

Gustavo (left) and Andrew William-Coleman with Bessie the dog. Picture: Jonathan Goldberg

Gustavo (left) and Andrew William-Coleman with Bessie the dog. Picture: Jonathan Goldberg - Credit: Jonathan Goldberg

A gay couple who suffered a brutal homophobic attack at their Wembley hostel two years ago have been threatened and assaulted again in Neasden.

Andrew and Gustavo William-Coleman were verbally abused and assaulted in the Neasden Recreation Ground on January 7 while out walking their dog.

Police responded to a safety device Andrew wears just after 4.30pm and attended immediately and arrested a man on suspicion of common assault.

"It was a surprise attack, totally unexpected," Andrew said.

He said they had been walking their dogs with neighbours who had just left, when Gustavo shouted to him in panic.

He managed to escape and triggered a device that alerts police.

"We must thank both neighbours that did come to our defence and also the police for the rapid response and making the arrest," he added.

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The couple were left in hospital following a vicious attack at the Euro Hotel in Elm Road, Wembley, on June 6 2018.

Andrew was stabbed in the ear and suffered a bleed to his brain.

His husband's face was fractured and in need of numerous surgeries.

Following the attack police installed CCTV cameras at the front door and front window, and gave them a body camera and a panic alarm to keep them safe.

However they were subjected to a second terrifying attack at the hostel five months later when an intruder smashed down the communal front door of the property, using threatening language and behaviour.

Mark Wilks, 35, was handed a 20-week sentence suspended for two years at a trial last January and a condition to stay away from the couple.

Willesden Magistrates' Court heard he had committed the crimes, which he denied, while on a community order for a previous conviction.

The couple say it was a different man who attacked them at the recreation ground.

Andrew added: "The effect all this is having on Gustavo and I is unbelievable."

A police spokesperson said: "A man, aged in his 30s, was arrested nearby on suspicion of common assault.

"He was taken into custody and bailed to return to a date in early February. Safeguarding measures are in place and officers are in contact with the victims."