Father was kidnapped before being tortured and beaten to death in Kilburn hostel

Ferell Benjamin was snatched from his girlfriend’s home in Edgware in November 2010

A father was kidnapped and tortured to death by a masked gang after his girlfriend’s cousin let them into his home, a court heard.

Ferell Benjamin, 38, was bound with tape and bundled into the boot of his own car before being savagely beaten, it was said.

His attackers left him for dead in a pool of blood in a hostel toilet in Burton Road, Kilburn.

Samuel Prime-Fearon, 25, who lived in the Brent Council-run hostel, is jointly accused of beating the victim to death.

Tasheika Campbell, 22, from Harrow is claimed to have let the gang into the couple’s house in Edgware, on November 14, 2010. Mr Campbell is the cousin of Mr Benjamin’s girlfriend Carlene Wellington.

Simon Denison QC, prosecuting, told the Old Bailey: “Within minutes of her going inside four men, all wearing masks and gloves, burst in through the front door of the house.”

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Campbell and Craig Smith, 23, from Harrow, along with 20-year-old Tex Crawford, of no fixed address, are then said to have kidnapped Mr Benjamin.

Campbell’s boyfriend Mustafa Ali is also took part in the assault, but has since fled the country, the court heard.

The fourth attacker has never been identified.

After abducting Mr Benjamin, the gang allegedly enlisted Prime-Fearon to beat him to death in the hostel.

Mr Denison said: “Blood spattered on the walls around where he lay and pools of blood on the floor beneath him showed he had been beaten and killed in that area.”

The kidnap and killing was the result of Mr Benjamin’s ‘secret life’ as a Class A drug dealer, jurors were told.

Smith and Crawford both deny conspiracy to rob, kidnap, false imprisonment and murder.

Prime-Fearon denies false imprisonment and murder.

Campbell denies conspiracy to rob and kidnap.

The trial continues.