Failed asylum seeker from Wembley ‘will be killed by the Taliban if he is forced back to Afghanistan’

A failed asylum seeker from Wembley claims he will be murdered by the Taliban if he is deported back to Afghanistan.

Malyar Ahmad Sahil, of Ennerdale Gardens, is fighting a deportation order by the Home Office saying his life is under threat because of his family’s work as government contractors.

Birmingham Immigration and Asylum Tribunal heard Mr Sahil came to the UK a year ago to escape violence and death threats in Kabul.

Bedford Beckett, Mr Sahil’s lawyer, said that teachers and contractors working for the Afghanistan Government are among the two main targets for the Taliban.

He said the Taliban were targeting high profile people and that Mr Sahil was considered to be high profile because of his family’s contracting business.

“Anyone who collaborates with the Government are at risk,” Mr Beckett told the hearing.

“If Mr Sahil is sent back to Afghanistan then he would be tracked down and it could be his demise.

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“He would need to go into hiding but that would be impossible because the Taliban has 1,000 paid agents in Kabul and some corrupt members of the National Security Forces could also pass information to them about his whereabouts.”

Adding that Mr Sahil’s brother had already been abducted in Kabul, and appealing that he granted asylum, he said: “We are talking about human rights in this situation.

“The violence has become so extensive in Kabul that even the chief of police has resigned.”

The Home Office questioned Mr Sahil’s evidence at the hearing and said it had no reason to change its mind from the previous decision.

The hearing has adjourned its final decision to a later date.

The hearing was held 120 miles from Mr Sahil’s home as Birmingham Immigration and Asylum Tribunal had now become the main centre for immigration and asylum cases with at least three cases held in at least 12 courts five-days-week.