Drug addict from Queen’s Park jailed for life for murdering his flatmate

Matthew Tinling has been jailed for life

Matthew Tinling has been jailed for life - Credit: Archant

Matthew Tinling killed Richard Hamilton in their home in Shirland Road

Richard Hamilton was stabbed to death

Richard Hamilton was stabbed to death - Credit: Archant

A drug addict who murdered his flatmate so he could plunder his bank account to feed his habit has been jailed for life.

Matthew Tinling, 25, stabbed 46-year-old Richard Hamilton in the neck, at their home in Shirland Road, Queen’s Park, in April last year.

The Old Bailey heard both men were living in accommodation provided by a charity for homeless people.

They shared a flat but had separate room and before the murder Tinling had intimidated Mr Hamilton so much that he became a virtual recluse in his own home.

After he Tinling killed his Glaswegian victim he withdrew £240 out of his bank account.

CCTV footage captured him leaving the flat 15 minutes before the transaction took place.

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Tinling later confessed to an associate he had killed Mr Hamilton and forensic evidence also linked him to the murder.

Today he was jailed for life with a minimum tariff of 30 years after being found guilty of Mr Hamilton’ s murder on Monday.

Detective Inspector Colette Smyth, investigating officers, said: “Matthew Tinling used brutal violence to murder Richard Hamilton, so he could obtain funds from Richard’s bank accounts to feed his daily drug habit.

“He inflicted fear and intimidation on Richard to the extent that he became a recluse in his own room in the weeks prior to his murder. This was in a place where for the first time in a long time Richard could call home.

“I would like to thank those witnesses who bravely came forward and gave evidence in this trial.”

Three other men who arrested in connection with the killing were released with no further action.