Deaf man from Maida Vale convicted of his criminal offence aged 79

Dennis Delsol brandished a knife outside the Wiiliam Hill in Kensal Green (pic: Google)

Dennis Delsol brandished a knife outside the Wiiliam Hill in Kensal Green (pic: Google) - Credit: Archant

A deaf man from Maida Vale who brandished a knife outside a bookmakers following a row has been convicted of his first ever criminal offence at the age of 79.

Dennis Delsol, of Warlock Road, stood outside the William Hill in Kensal Green wielding the large kitchen knife following an argument at the bookies earlier in the day.

The Old Bailey heard the incident took place at on October 27 last year at 10pm.

The pensioner admitted possessing an offensive weapon in a public place but was given a 12-month conditional discharge by Judge Alistair McCreath who said he was unlikely to offend again.

The judge told him: “I could give you a lecture about how wrong it is to go around with knives in your hand however angry you might feel.

“But I am not sure that somebody like me, a bit younger than you, has got any place giving a man of your age lectures because you are later this year to celebrate your 80th birthday.

“Here you are, nearly 80, before the court for the very first time in your life.”

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John Howey, representing Delsol, explained that he was ‘somewhat hard of hearing’ and has no front teeth which ‘makes speaking very, very difficult for him’.

The court also heard that Delsol has since stopped gambling - though he does make an exception for lottery scratch cards.

Judge McCreath added: “Whatever it was that led you to behave as you did it seems to me that there are people around you who are helping you in such a way as to make that sort of thing unlikely again.”

“I do not suppose it is something you will ever do again.”

At this point Delsol replied from the dock: “I’m very sorry.”