Crime falls by 10 per cent in Brent

Chief Superintendent Mickey Gallagher

Chief Superintendent Mickey Gallagher - Credit: Archant

Crime in Brent is down by 10 per cent according to the latest police figures.

The number of notable criminal offences reported in Brent fell from 27,260 to 24,422 according to figures released by the Metropolitan Police.

Gun crime, robberies and burglaries dropped by 21 and 23 per cent respectively.

This is a part of an overall 6.2 per cent reduction in offences in the capital compared with the previous 12 month period. However, acts of violence against people increased by just under 300 to around 6,418.

The number of rape convictions in Brent increased slightly by 18 from 122 to 140 -despite an overall reduction in sex offences.

There has been an increase in racist and religious hate crimes, with 56 more convictions this year compared to last year’s 337 figure.

Cllr Muhammed Butt, head of Brent Council said: “I’m thrilled that crime in Brent is continuing to fall.”

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He continued: “…[the council] will continue to work alongside Brent Police, neighbourhood watch groups and local people to promote innovative crime-fighting techniques including the use of forensic marking kits.”

Crime in the capital continues to fall in London with over 46,500 fewer crimes committed during the last financial year

The police force claim the reductions are a result of a series of proactive measures to cut crime have been rolled out across London.

These include regular high-visibility ‘Big Wing’ operations engaging staff right across the MPS in joint action to target specific areas of crime, ranging from mobile phone crime to burglary.

Chief Superintendent Mickey Gallagher, Brent Borough Commander, said: “We will continue to make use of all the MPS specialist resources across Brent in addition to our dedicated borough teams to make further progress and ultimately fewer victims.

“Operations Cubo, Ringtone and Big Wing are to name but a few of the many pro active activities we undertake across the borough to keep Brent safe.”