Crime chief hints that Kilburn will be protected from SNT cuts

His comments come after a report recommends that Camden loses four sergeants

A crime chief has indicated that proposed cuts to the Safer Neighbourhood Teams (SNTs) will not hit Kilburn.

In a far reaching review of community policing published this week, the Metropolitan Police has proposed to cut four Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNTs) sergeants from Camden.

But in a statement that will be welcomed by residents, Raj Kohli, the superintendent responsible for community partnerships at Camden Police, said he would not look first at Kilburn to make these cuts.

He said: “I know well enough the pressure points. I am sure we can all work them out.

“My current position is that the high road team works because if frees up Eddie, the Kilburn ward SNT sergeant, and his team to deal with the estates, which I think is more important. We have the luxury of doing both.

“That is not to say that in six months time I won’t be asked to reduce numbers again, but it wouldn’t be the first place where I would reduce numbers.”

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His comments came at a community meeting on crime held in Mortimer Crescent and called by Kilburn councillors in the wake of a double stabbing on the road. Milad Golmakani, 22, was killed in the April attack while a 17-year-old boy was also found with stab wounds in a shop in nearby Boundary Road. Supt Kohli refused to give a ‘cast iron guarantee’ that no cuts will be made to Kilburn’s SNTs, but his comments are the strongest indication yet that Kilburn will be protected from the brunt of them.