Cricklewood robber who targeted bank customers is jailed for six years

Crook picked out victims after they withdrew large sums of cash

A robber who picked his victims by prowling banks and mugging them after they withdrew large sums of money has been jailed for six years.

Rama Stua, of Mapesbury Road, Cricklewood, teamed up with an accomplice to prey on vulnerable bank customers between January 21 and April 4 last year.

Harrow Crown Court heard the 23-year-old would enter banks in Preston Road and Ealing Road, in Wembley, Kenton Road, in Kenton and Ealing Road, in Alperton, where he would pose as a bona fide customer.

He would join the queue for the cashier desk, or loiter near the entrance door where he would pick out customers who had withdrawn large amounts of cash.

Stua would call his accomplice waiting outside the bank who would follow the target and rob them once they entered a quiet street or on the doorstep of their homes.

Most of his terrified victims were threatened or physically attacked and in one incident an 83-year-old woman was forced to hand over her bag after a knife was placed on her shoulder.

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Stua was arrested in July last year and subsequently charged with six robberies.

Last October, he admitted four robberies and denied a further two counts.

At his trial last week, he was convicted of five counts of robbery and a charge of theft.

Detective Sergeant Mark Fletcher from Brent Priority Crime Unit said: “The evidence indicated Stua was the ring leader.

“These were cowardly attacks committed against victims who were unlikely to fight back.

“This is Stua’s first conviction and a sentenced of six years reflects the gravity of these offences”.

The hunt is still on to find Stua’s accomplice who remains at large.

Robberies committed by Stua

January 20: 45-year-old woman in Berkeley Road, Kingsbury

January 31: 83-year-old woman in Mount Stewart Avenue, Kenton

February 2: 61-year-old man in Kingsbury Circle, Kingsbury

February 4: 64-year-old man in Regal Way, Kenton

March 1: 57-year-old woman in Kenton Park Avenue, Kenton

April 4: 19-year-old man in Victor Grove, Alperton