Court hears claims that Harlesden mother was stabbed up to 20 times by estranged husband

Horrific murder is said to have taken in place in front of the couple’s two young sons

A father-of-two stabbed his estranged wife to death in front of their young sons after meeting her in a chance encounter, a court heard today (Monday).

Nathaniel Brown, 27, stabbed 24-year-old Zandra Maxwell-Nelson, of Nicoll Road, Harlesden, up to 20 times, the Old Bailey was told.

Jobless Brown had not seen his former partner or their two children for more than a year when he bumped into them while visiting his sister’s home last April 20.

Armed with a kitchen knife he launched a ferocious attack, jurors heard.

Miss Maxwell-Nelson had visited Brown’s sister earlier on the day of the killing and the two had visited a nearby park before returning to her home in Tottenham, said Adrian Darbishire, prosecuting.

It was there, at around 6pm, that they came face-to-face with Brown.

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“He ignored completely his wife and two young boys,” said Mr Darbishire.

“The defendant went into the house, playing with his nephews and nieces, and after about 10 or 15 minutes came out of the house and walked away.

“He must have reflected on what he had seen, and after about 20 minutes he came back and told his sister he needed to use the toilet.”

Moments later, Brown appeared wielding a large kitchen knife, which he calmly plunged into his ex-wife’s torso three times, pursuing as she desperately clambered into a parked car.

“He began to stab her through the window of the car,” said Mr Darbishire.

“Eyewitnesses described the defendant as remaining quiet, with a calm demeanour throughout the attack.

“He appeared to one to be “almost methodical”.”

Brown is said to have dropped the knife, calmly removed his bloodstained shirt and walked away from the scene.

He later handed himself into a police station.

Brown, of no fixed address, denies murder.

The trial continues.