Colindale killers guilty of Djodjo Nsaka’s murder in Wembley

Djodjo Nsaka was stabbed to death in Wembley

Djodjo Nsaka was stabbed to death in Wembley - Credit: Archant

Three Colindale killers who stabbed a student to death during a row over an angry look are facing life behind bars today. Djodjo Nsaka, 19 and from Streatham in South London, was knifed to death outside his university halls of residence on Rutherford Way in Wembley following an argument over the pulling of a ‘screwface’.

The dispute had begun on 18 January when Djodjo’s friends saw Mukeh Kawa staring aggressively at them at the Unite Halls building where they lived. Kawa, of Lancaster Close, and Donald Davis, of Martlesham Walk, were today found guilty of Mr Nsaka’s murder; a third friend, Ali Tas of Eagle Drive, was cleared of murder but convicted of manslaughter. All three men are 21.

During the trial the Old Bailey heard that Mr Nsaka and two friends, Daniel Tamfuri and Chris Bonda, had confronted Kawa over the ‘screwface’ he had pulled at them.

Late the next evening, as the friends returned to their halls, Kawa, Davis and Tas emerged from a parked car and began shouting at them challengingly.

Tas punched Mr Bonda in the face before Kawa pulled a hunting knife from his waistband and tried to stab him. Mr Nsaka shouted at them to stop before throwing a traffic cone at the attackers as he turned to run away.

Both Mr Bonda and Mr Tamfuri managed to escape back into the halls of residence but Mr Nsaka was stabbed in the chest and bled to death at the scene at 1.54 am.

The three attackers fled in Tas’ car and tried to change their appearance before their arrest.

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Prosecutor William Boyce QC said: “It is a case borne out of double stupidity: firstly, making something out of nothing, and secondly, carrying knives.

“It had gone from pulling a face to ‘I am going to kill him, bring him outside’ within the course of a day. The next day they did just that - they killed one of the boys.”

Kawa, Davis and Tas will be sentenced tomorrow.