Builder hid from police in bathroom cupboard after stealing on a job in Kilburn

Burglar: Aaron Casey

Burglar: Aaron Casey - Credit: Archant

A builder who burgled a house in Kilburn he was renovating was caught hiding in his bathroom cupboard when his house was raided by the police.

Officers prised Aaron Casey, 25, out of the cabinet and arrested him for stealing the three watches and a MacBook from the house in Esmond Road.

Yesterday at the Old Bailey he was given a two year suspended jail sentence and ordered to pay £900 but the stolen goods have never been recovered.

The court heard the Casey was being paid to work on the renovations taking place downstairs when he snuck upstairs and stole the goods from a wardrobe in the bedroom last December.

After he was confronted by a colleague after the house owners noticed muddy footprints in their bedroom he claimed he had heard a delivery arrive and looked out of the the window to see.

Officers stormed his address after the owners reported the theft.

Casey , who lives in Upper Edmonton, admitted burglary before his trial was due to start.

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Detective Constable John Muir, investigating officer, said: “When workers are invited into your home, the last thing you would expect is for those people you are paying to steal from you.

“This was a despicable crime for which Casey has received a custodial sentence, albeit suspended.”