Brent youths awarded for their dedication to making a change

Anti-violence project rewards four young leaders of future

The leaders of tomorrow have been celebrated at an awards ceremony marking their dedication to making a change.

Four young men have all come through the Not Another Drop leadership programme which encourages teenagers to stop and think about the consequences of their actions.

NAD, the anti-violent crime social enterprise, supported the group through a 10-week course which included sessions with inspirational people such as renowned fashion designer Wale Adeyimi.

The award ceremony was held on Saturday at Wembley Point in Stonebridge. Patrick Jacobs, NAD chairman and course creator, said: “The whole ethos was about consequential thinking. We wanted these young men to think about what direction any actions they take may take them.

“We let them talk and find out for themselves where certain decisions can take a person while at the same time, spoke to them as adults and let them know how we got to where we are.”

The young men all took part in the course in their own time and were even taken on a visit to the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool.

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Mr Jacobs said: “We wanted to show them the struggle their people had been through to get to where they are today and that it is not just enough ‘being’ in this day and age.”

The course, funded with help from Brent Police and the Mayor of Brent, also saw the parents of the four young men attend sessions to find out ways they could help their children succeed.