Brent Police seize drugs, tobacco and illegally sold prescription drugs over the weekend

Cannabis factory in its infancy was found at an address in Kenton

Cannabis factory in its infancy was found at an address in Kenton - Credit: Archant

Officers carried out two days of action as part of Operation Condor

Brent Police have seized drugs, tobacco and phone charger, gaming machines and illegally sold medication during a clampdown on criminal activity in licensed premises across the borough.

Officers carried out the weekend of action as part of Operation Condor, a Metropolitan Police Service London-wide initiative launched in February.

Brent Safer Neighbourhoods Team, Brent licensing Unit, Brent Tasking Unit, Brent Intelligence Unit, Crime Prosecution Unit, Special Constables and Partnership Unit made a total of 15 arrests.

Officers also issued three cannabis warning and five penalty notices for disorder.

During the clampdown they seized a cannabis farm, which was in its infancy, at an address in Wilson Close, Kenton.

They also confiscated a large quantity of shish tobacco, illegal phone chargers, nine gaming machines and prescription medication which was being unlawfully sold under the counter.

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A total of 284 licensed premises were visited, of which 24 tested positive for drugs after being swabbed.

Police carried out 13 test purchases where underage children would try and buy alcohol from off-licences resulting in two shops breaking the law.

One premise voluntarily closed itself down following the operation.

A total of 105 stop and searches were conducted over the two days.

2500 Crime Prevention leaflets were distributed by the cadets.

Acting Superintendent Nick Davies from Partnership Unit said: “I am very pleased with the excellent results from Brent.

“Licensing impacts upon everyday community life and licensing laws are there for good reason to protect the community from danger.

“We will continue to commit resources by visiting newsagents, off-licenses, public houses, supermarkets and betting shops to ensure and test licensing laws are being followed correctly and we will work with our partners to tackle unlicensed activity to prevent crime and anti social behaviour on our streets.”