Brent Police reunite burglary victim with �25,000 worth of jewellery

Valuables stolen in Kent turned up in Wembley

A burglary victim targeted by a fake spiritual healer has been reunited with �25,000 worth of jewellery he stole following an appeal by Brent Police.

The 41-year-old woman from Kent, who wishes to be anonymous, contacted officers after she learned they had recovered a large amount of valuable Indian gold jewellery.

A suspicious pawn broker in Wembley had contacted the police after he was approached by a man trying to sell the jewellery.

A man was arrested for handling stolen goods and subsequently deported back to India.

Yesterday (Monday), she was reunited with her stolen jewellery.

She said: “When I realised my jewellery had been stolen, I was really really worried I would never get it back.

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“When I got my jewellery back, I was so happy. Most of the stuff was given to me when I got married and was worth a lot of money. I am really please with the way I was treated and hope that the police provide this level of service to the general public.”

The thief struck after visiting the victim’s home on the premise of being a spiritual healer.

However the theft wasn’t noticed by the victim until much later when she tried to find the jewellery for a special occasion.

She failed to report the crime to the police until a friend told her about the police appeal.

Acting Detective Sergeant Amar Patel said: “I am really pleased that the jewellery has been restored to its owner.

“The jewellery was photographed when it had been seized by police and adverts had been placed on Twitter, the MPS website and local Tamil radio and TV channels, appealing for the owner to come forward.

“It was by this advertising that the victim has been reunited with her jewellery.”