Brent Police in appeal to find rightful owners of stolen jewellery

Officers believe gold pieces were stolen in burglaries

Police have seized hundreds of pounds worth of stolen jewellery after a man tried to sell them to a pawn shop.

The suspicious shop owner alerted the police and a man and women were arrested on suspicion of handling stolen goods.

They have since been deported back to India.

Officers believe the jewellery could have been stolen in burglaries and are appealing for the rightful owners to come forward and reclaim their treasured pieces.

Detective Inspector Lily Benbow said: “Brent Police, jewellery shops and pawn brokers want a clear message to go out to thieves - ‘Do not try to sell your stolen gold in Brent. You will be arrested and brought to justice.”

If you recognise any of the jewellery please contact Acting Detective Sergeant Amar Patel on 0208 733 3127 or e-mail

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