Brent Police appeal to absconded robber to give himself up

Convicted 28-year-old has gone missing from Harrow Crown Court

Brent Police have made a direct appeal to a convicted robber who absconded from court yesterday (Wednesday) to give himself up.

Rodrigo Dean Santana, 28, of no fixed address, went missing from Harrow Crown Court while a jury were deliberating on a second count of robbery.

He had been found guilty of a first count of robbery earlier that day.

Making an appeal to Santana, training DC Kevin Harvey from Brent Crime Squad said: “hand yourself into a police station and stop running.

“If you do not surrender yourself we will continue to look for you.

“Failing to co-operate may have caused you to lean on friends and relatives to cover for you. If we establish that any of your friends or relatives knowingly obstruct the police in trying to apprehend you - then we will seek to arrest and prosecute them also.”

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DC Harvey is also appealing to residents and traders who spot Santana to contact the police.

If you have any information call Brent Crime Squad on 020 8733 3217, the Warrants Unit on 20 8733 3139 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.