Brent man shot dead in Bournemouth thought to be member of notorious Harlesden gang

A Brent man who was shot dead in Bournemouth is believed to be a member of a notorious gang from Harlesden.

The man, 20, and who is believed to come from Wembley, was shot and killed in the Boscombe area of Bournemouth on Wednesday.

The area is infamous in the region as one plagued with crime.

Dorset Police have not revealed the identity of the man, but social networking websites have identified him as Reece aka ‘Stylie’.

Tributes left for him online indicate he was a member of the Church Road Soldiers – a gang known to operate out of the Church End estate in Harlesden.

One user, who has a picture of CRS on their Twitter handle, posted the message: “R.I.P Zino, Stylie G.B.N.F”. Wayne Freckleton, a member of the Church Road Soldiers who was shot and killed in Ike’s Barbershop in Harlesden in 2008 was also known as Zino.

Another user, who in his bio on Twitter identifies himself as ‘Church Road Blockzz’, wrote: “Cant believe what i heard today so upsetting R.I.P My older g Stylie gone but never forgotton g !”

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Police are calling on people with information to call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.