Jailed: Brent gangsters who shot a man in his stomach at close range

Mickell Barnett (left), and Asharn Williams, who have been jailed for attempted murder

Mickell Barnett (left), and Asharn Williams, who have been jailed for attempted murder - Credit: Met Police

Two members of a Brent gang who shot a man in the stomach after breaking into his home have been jailed for attempted murder.

Asharn Williams, 22, of Tylers Gate, Harrow and Mickell Barnett, 21, of no fixed address, travelled in a two-car convoy from Brent to Enfield on February 23, 2019. 

Once in Enfield, they - armed with a shotgun - broke into a house just before 1am.

Fearing for their lives the three occupants fled upstairs, and the 26-year-old victim - who Scotland Yard maintains had no gang affiliations - tried to barricade himself behind a flimsy door.

But the gun was fired through the door twice, causing life-threatening injuries when it hit him in the abdomen.

Despite surviving, the victim has already undergone surgery numerous times and and is likely need future procedures to manage the damage that resulted from the attack.

Asharn Williams who has been jailed for attempted murder

Asharn Williams, who has been sentenced to 31 years’ imprisonment, with an extended licence of four years for attempted murder - Credit: Met Police

Despite a lack of forensic evidence, detectives were able to place the convicts at the scene of the attack by undertaking extensive analysis of automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras and mobile phone data.

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The other gang members - who travelled in the two-car convoy - remain at large. 

At Isleworth Crown Court yesterday - November 30 - Williams was sentenced to 31 years’ imprisonment, while Barnett received a sentence of 32 years.

Both were handed an extended licence period of four years.

Mickell Barnett  who has been jailed for attempted murder

Mickell Barnett who has been jailed for attempted murder - Credit: Met Police

Yesterday's sentencing hearing arrived after both defendants were convicted on July 13 following a six-week trial at Snaresbrook Crown Court.

Both men were assessed as dangerous individuals involved in violent gang offending, meaning two thirds of their sentences must be served in prison before parole can be considered.

Barnett had already served nearly seven years in jail for a gang-related stabbing.

The police investigation revealed gang tensions around north west London had sparked escalating violence.

Det Sgt Mark Attridge, from the Trident specialist crime command said: “The sentences passed today are significant for a case of attempted murder and should send out a very clear message that if you choose to immerse yourself in the gang lifestyle then you can expect arrest and substantial terms of imprisonment if found guilty of crimes attributed to gang offending."