Brent gang members convicted of shooting a man in Enfield

Guilty gang members Asharn Williams of Kingsbury, and Mickell Barnett, of no fixed address

Guilty gang members Mickell Barnett, of no fixed address, and Asharn Williams of Kingsbury - Credit: Met Police

Two Brent gang members who broke into a property and shot a man have been convicted of attempted murder.

Asharn Williams, 22, of Tylers Gate, Kingsbury, and Mickell Barnett, 21, of no fixed address, were convicted on July 13, after a six-week trial at Snaresbrook Crown Court.

Asharn Williams

Asharn Williams - Credit: Met Police

They will be sentenced on September 24 at the same court.

The jury heard that on February 23, 2019, a two-car convoy containing gang members from Brent travelled to an address in Enfield, intent on causing serious harm.

Just before 1am, a group of men, including Williams and Barnett, broke into a home armed with a shotgun.

Mickell Barnett

Mickell Barnett - Credit: Met Police

Three residents inside the property, fearing for their lives, fled upstairs.

The 26-year-old victim – unconnected to gangs - tried to barricade himself behind a flimsy internal door, pushing against his attackers to try and save his life.

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But a shotgun was fired twice simultaneously through the door hitting the victim’s abdomen, causing life threatening injuries.

The attackers then fled the property and returned to Brent.

Although there were no forensics at the scene, via painstaking analysis of automatic number pate recognition – ANPR – and phone evidence, detectives from the specialist command north west hub placed the defendants at the scene of the attack.

Drill video helped identify armed and dangerous Brent gang members

Drill videos helped identify armed and dangerous Brent gang members - Credit: Met Police

The prosecution also showed evidence from a drill music video which revealed both Williams and Barnett, and other gang affiliates.

Scotland Yard said gang tensions around north west London identified a motive for escalating violence in the area.

DC Anthony Sinclair, of Operation Trident, said: “This was a completely mindless attack on a young man. The defendants’ actions were callous and heartless – effectively leaving a man to die at the scene.

“The victim is still recovering from his injuries. The impact on the victim and his family have been devastating.

“This has been a trying and challenging case but I'm extremely relieved that today a jury found them guilty of the crimes.

"It takes dangerous offenders off the streets and helps keep London safe. ‘’

The victim’s mother said her son had gone through numerous surgeries and they have all been left "traumatised" as a result of the shooting.

She added: “The shooting was gang-related, however the victim is not and has never been part of a gang.

"Notwithstanding this, his life has still be severely impacted by the violence and the chaos resulting from gang activity in the capital and the ongoing and often petty disputes between opposing gangs that have significant consequences."