Brent Council warns against illegal firework displays

Free 'Light Up The Night festival returns to Wembley Park with spectactular fireworks at 7pm

Free 'Light Up The Night festival returns to Wembley Park with spectactular fireworks at 7pm - Credit: Archant

People celebrating Bonfire Night and Diwali in Brent have been warned they could be slapped with £5,000 fines or a prison sentence if they hold illegal fireworks displays. 

Brent Council has urged people not to set off fireworks in the borough’s parks due to the damage they could cause. 

The local authority added there have been issues with litter from DIY firework displays in the past. 

The council noted enforcement officers will be patrolling parks to check people are not setting off fireworks – those caught could be given a £100 fixed penalty notice. 

It added the “antisocial use of fireworks”, such as throwing them, can carry a maximum penalty of £5,000, six-months in prison, or both. 

Community safety lead councillor Promise Knight said: “We would ask that people do not set off their own fireworks in any of our parks without permission. 

“You are putting other people at risk and may receive a fine for breaching the Public Space Protection Order. 

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“In recent years, our parks have also been covered with fireworks and litter, which is not acceptable and causes problems for wildlife and park users. Please use the bins provided or take your litter home with you. 

“We hope all residents enjoy the upcoming celebrations safely and recommend that you visit an organised display.”

People across the country are gearing up to celebrate Guy Fawkes Night on Friday (November 5) after events were cancelled last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

In Brent, home to one of the largest Hindu communities in the UK, thousands will mark Diwali the day before by enjoying fireworks. 

The Metropolitan Police explained that fireworks in public places can only be set off by licensed professionals. 

It added: “Used irresponsibly, fireworks can cause damage to property and do significant harm to people and animals. 

“Not only is there a danger from fireworks exploding, they can also pose a serious fire risk as well.”