Brave teenager gives chase after cowardly muggers steal her phone and punch her in face at Harlesden bus stop

A teenage girl was mugged and punched by two boys while waiting for a bus in Harlesden

A teenage girl was mugged and punched by two boys while waiting for a bus in Harlesden - Credit: Archant

The mother of a teenage girl brutally attacked at a bus stop in Harlesden has spoken out to warn others.

Kelly Foster’s 18-year-old daughter, who the Times has agreed not to name, was in Acton Lane at about 9pm on Wednesday last week when she was mugged for her mobile phone and punched in the face by two boys.

She bravely ran after the pair before spotting another two boys, one of whom she knew.

They confronted her muggers and managed to get the phone back before the cowardly attackers ran off.

Ms Foster told the Times: “She gave chase as she’s from the ’hood, as we like to say.

“I teach my kids to fight their ground, otherwise people think they can walk all over you.

“A member of public stopped in a car and asked her if she was OK. He also gave chase but they ran up the one-way system so he couldn’t follow.

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“She’s a very strong girl – but yes, she’s still shaken by it.

“They took her phone. Why did they have to punch her after?

“I suppose we will never know that.”

Writing on Facebook in the aftermath of the attack, she said: “[I] just want young ladies to be aware of this in case it happens again.

“They came from Nicoll Road.”

And she urged young women: “Please be aware.”

Both boys were described as black, 17 or 18, and both wore black – one with a white mask.

Police confirmed they were called at 9.30pm to reports of a robbery in Acton Lane.

A spokesman said: “The victim, aged in her late teens, was at a bus stop in Acton Lane at about 9pm when two males walked past her.

“One of the suspects then returned and grabbed the victim’s mobile phone before punching her in the face.

“The suspects walked off in the direction of Nicoll Road. They were confronted by a member of the public and the victim’s phone was recovered.”

No one has been arrested and police say they are still investigating.