Armed drugs police wrongly raid innocent couple’s Cricklewood home

Halima Zebakh's home was wrongly raided this morning (pic: Jonathan Goldberg)

Halima Zebakh's home was wrongly raided this morning (pic: Jonathan Goldberg) - Credit: Archant

An innocent couple claim they were handcuffed for 90 minutes after armed police mistakenly carried out a drugs raid at their Cricklewood home this morning.

Halima Zebakh, 32, said she thought she was going to die when 15 officers stormed the ground flat she rents with her 25-year-old husband Ahmed Masekh in Draycott Close, at 7.30am.

Ms Zebakh, who works a secretary, said it took a moment to realise the gunmen were actually police officers searching for drugs.

She told the Times: “They were wearing masks and shouting, making a very strange noise.

“As I woke up I saw them in front of me and thought they were going to kill us. I thought I was going to die then I saw their uniform.”

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She said both her and her estate agent husband were handcuffed for 90 minutes while officers searched the property, which they moved into three months ago.

They were released when no drugs were found.

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The police will foot the bill for the couple’s damaged door but Ms Zebakh said there’s other damage including “the humiliation and the false accusation.”

She said: “They didn’t find anything they just apologised and left. It’s crazy, it was shocking. I don’t know if it’s normal.

“They didn’t even look into the situation before they came to mess around with us.

“We were in our pyjamas, we weren’t allowed to go to the toilet, we couldn’t get dressed, the police wouldn’t even give my husband his glasses.”

Adding she was so shaken up she had to call her doctor once they had left, Ms Zebakh said: “I was frightened, it’s a shocking situation. I’d like people to know what can happen.”

The Times have contacted the police for a comment.

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