Police deliver ‘threat to life warning’ letter to gay couple living under threat of violence in Brent

Andrew William Coleman with the Threat to Life notice given to him by police. Picture: Nathalie Raff

Andrew William Coleman with the Threat to Life notice given to him by police. Picture: Nathalie Raffray - Credit: Archant

A gay couple fear they will be murdered after police hand-delivered them a “threat to life warning” which says they will be harmed.

Andrew and Gustavo William Coleman have been told to secure their home with locks and bolts, install CCTV cameras or "leave the area" even though they have nowhere to go and are already living under constant fear for their lives.

Police hand delivered the 1602 notice on Monday afternoon which states their "personal safety is now in danger" adding: "Police are aware of intelligence that others might be seeking to cause harm to you."

The letters, also known as Osman warnings, are issued by police if they become aware of a real and immediate threat to somebody's life.

"When they gave me a letter I asked them if this was some kind of joke," said Andrew, whose disabled husband Gustavo was also issued with the same notice.

"Finally they are accepting there's a risk to our lives. Me and Gustavo have become virtual prisoners. I've not slept, every time we go out we are looking over our shoulder. This is so serious."

The couple have asked police for CCTV cameras to further protect them but claim they've been refused.

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"This is where we live; we strongly believed we were being safeguarded but realise now we've been put in a lion's den."

The couple were moved by Brent Council to the "safe" property after several violent attacks on them while living at the Euro Hotel, in Elm Road, Wembley.

Andrew was stabbed in the ear and suffered a bleed to his brain and his husband's face was fractured and in need of numerous surgeries following a vicious attack in June 2018.

No one has been charged for that attack.

In September 2018 someone tried to break into their property carrying a stun gun.

In January 2019 Mark Wilks was found guilty of causing criminal damage and using threatening language and behaviour.

Willesden Magistrates' Court heard he smashed down the communal front door of the couple's property, while on a community order for a previous conviction.

He was handed a 20-week sentence suspended for two years at a trial last January with a condition to stay away from the couple.

In January this year Andrew obtained a further restraining order after saying Wilks had visited their locality- despite the fact Brent Council moved them in 2019.

On January 7 this year, the couple were verbally abused and assaulted in the Neasden Recreation Ground by a different man, who Andrew claims also lived in Elm Road.

Police responded to a safety device Andrew wears just after 4.30pm and attended immediately and arrested a man on suspicion of common assault.

He has been bailed to return on a date in mid-February police said.

A police spokesperson said: "We take all threats against persons seriously.

"Appropriate actions are taken, but we do not discuss individual cases.

"Safeguarding measures remain in place."

With reference to separate incident the spokesman said: "On Monday, 13 January, police in Harrow arrested a man for breaching a restraining order and making threats to kill.

"He was taken into custody and bailed to return on a date in mid-February."