Cricklewood shopkeeper claims new bollards will cost him customers

Trader says parking restrictions will effect his business

A Cricklewood shopkeeper has claimed new bollards outside his 26-year-old store could deter potential customers.

Pravin Patel, 60, who works in Munro Store in Temple Road says the bollards and railings, which were installed last week will stop him and his customers parking in front of his shop.

Mr Patel, who has been parking his car in front of the corner shop frequented by Ken Livingstone since it opened for business in 1985, believes it could have a detrimental affect on his everyday activities.

Mr Patel, who now parks in another street, said: “If people tie up their dogs on the bollards it could frighten children and stop them from coming in.

“It’s very inconvenient for me. I deliver newspapers for elderly people which is going to be affected.

“I only received the letter the same day they put them up. It’s not very efficient and they are wasting public money. It’s my money and your money.

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“It’s also a health and safety issue for people who are blind and parents with buggies.”

Mr Patel also revealed he plans to fight for their removal, saying: “They should give me a reduction on my council tax because I cannot use my property.

“We will fight and fight to the last day.”

The council stated following complaints that Mr Patel received three warning letters instructing him not to park outside his shop before being visited by council officers.

A Brent Council spokesman it received a complaint from a residents about a vehicle diving over the pavement and the safety of pedestrians including young children at a nearby school.

He added: “Bollards are only installed as a last resort after we have written to the resident three times to ask for them to stop driving over the pavement.”