Cricklewood resident’s fury after Brent Council reveals they have chopped down 136 trees this year

Helen Marcus speaks out after a tree was targeted near her home

A total of 136 trees in streets have been chopped down by Brent Council this year, the Times can reveal.

The issue was brought to our attention when Cricklewood resident Helen Marcus alerted us to a tree being chopped down close to her home in Anson Road. She said: “Are our trees safe with the barbarians at Brent Council?”

Mrs Marcus says she asked contractors, employed by Brent Council, what was wrong with the tree but they were unaware of any problem.

She added: “This is vandalism of the highest order. It is not what we pay the council foror. They should be protecting our trees from such attacks.”

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A spokesman for the council said there were various reasons for felling trees including if they have died, been damaged or are growing too close to an existing building.

“We have a maintenance programme to maximise the life of street trees and ensure that removal is a last resort. We also replant scores of new street trees every year.”

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