Credit union targets payday lenders with doorstep challenge

William Rhodes is challenging doortstep lenders

William Rhodes is challenging doortstep lenders - Credit: Archant

A credit union is carrying out a doorstop challenge on payday lenders targeting residents in Kensal Green and Queen’s Park during the festive season.

YourCU hopes to deter cash-strapped households from taking out high-interest loans by making themselves easily available to those in financial difficulties

The union is introducing an outreach programme in a bid to get closer to vulnerable resident.

William Rhodes from YourCU, said: “Credit unions should go out among the people, just like pay day lenders, to get their message across. You can’t expect people to come to us.

“It is vital residents on low incomes have access to affordable finance, a bank account, and advice on how to manage their finances.

“Loan sharks are currently winning the battle because they’re on the doorstep where people need them.”

The union holds regular pop-up sessions at a number of venues including Beethoven Community Information Centre in Beethoven Street, Queen’s Park, and is in talks with local church leaders including Rev David Ackerman from St John’s Church in Kensal Green, about reaching out to the community.

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“There are currently a lot of politicians and people sitting around talking about this and wringing their hands on how to help people,” Mr Rhodes said.

“What we need is to be out in the community, where we can best help people by providing a safe and legal alternative to the ‘baseball bat brigade’.

“We need to ensure a way out for people trapped in an endless cycle of debt and 5,000 per cent interest rates, from which many can see no way out.”

“Credit unions will also give more affluent residents in the area an opportunity to invest their money in a venture that will benefit their local community as well as giving them a financial return.”

YourCU are members of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme and offer flexible loans to suit all budgets to repay on a weekly, two-weekly or monthly basis.

For more information visit, call 0207 605 6341 or visit them at 346 High Street, Kensington.

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