Covid - One Year On: Rise in mental health issues and a desire to travel

A Covid-19 vaccination card after a patient had a dose of the Pfizer/BioNtech covid-19 vaccine at th

Most people are positive about vaccinations survey finds. - Credit: PA

More than a third of people living in Brent saw their mental health get worse during the pandemic.

The data comes from 70 per cent of respondents who took part in our survey on how Covid has affected their life in the last year.

A total of 429 people across north London filled in the survey.

Nineteen people responded to the survey in Brent compared to 107 people in Havering.

In Brent, 15 people (79pc) said their mental health had got worse since the first lockdown began on March 23 2020.

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Thirteen said they hadn't suffered a job loss while two respondents had. 

More people in Brent than in Hackney or Islington were happy about returning to work if they had been furloughed and more of them will book holidays abroad. 

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Possibly as a result of gym closures, 16 people, or 84pc, indicated they had done less physical exercise in the last 12 months.

Ten people (52pc) said they will visit high street shops once non-essential stores reopen on April 12.

Most (47pc) kept to covid rules but 37pc did so with "a few minor indiscretions".

Most people felt safe with the vaccine.

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