Councillors in Brent paid the lowest basic allowance in London

Figures by Taxpayer’s Alliance show councillors receive �3,292 less than their counterparts in Croydon

Councillors in Brent receive the lowest basic allowance in London, according to figures released today (Friday).

According to a report by the Taxpayers’ Alliance, a lobby group that campaigns against the wastage of public funds, the 63 councillors in the borough receive an allowance of �7,947 a year.

This sum is eclipsed by the Conservative-led Croydon Council who pay the most in London with their councillors receiving �11,239.

Nottinghamshire County Council topped the UK’s league with their councillors receiving a basic of �12,906 while their counterparts in Northamptonshire received the lowest allowance of �7,086.

Councillors in Brent who sit on committees are entitled to a further �2,113 special responsibility allowance.

Cllr Muhammed Butt receives an additional allowance of �35,222 for being the Brent Council leader and the leader of the borough’s Labour Party.

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Cllr Ruth Moher receives an extra �24,655 for being his deputy.

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