Controversial Willesden Junction incinerator plans put on hold

Application was lodged with Ealing Council for Harlesden site

A controversial application to build a giant incinerator in the Willesden Junction area that was due to be decided on next week has been put on hold throwing the plans into doubt.

The application, by a company called Clean Power Properties and Network Rail, was to build a large ‘energy recovery centre’ in the Willesden Junction Industrial site.

It was due to be discussed and voted on by the planning committee at Ealing Council on Wednesday, December 19.

However, this week the Times revealed that the government’s controversial High Speed 2 (Hs2) scheme had also earmarked the site to use for transporting rubbish from the construction of tunnels.

If Hs2 designate and use a site it means they can ‘safeguard’ it potentially thwarting other developments and requiring other applicants to ask their permission.

A spokesman for Ealing Council told the Times today the application ‘was on hold’ following official contact from Hs2.

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Hs2 told us the site, which would be at the end of Channel Gate Road, was “an important part of their plans.”

The plans for an incinerator have attracted controversy from people living downwind of the site in Brent.

Residents in areas such as Harlesden and Willesden have expressed fears over increased traffic and air pollution.

It is not yet known when or if the application will be voted on but if approved, the incinerator would have four 25m high chimneys for burning waste and four tanks for decomposing food.

A spokesman for Ealing Council said: “HS2 has informed us that they may need to use all or part of the Willesden freightliner terminal site for the project.

“As a result, the application for the energy recovery centre has been deferred from consideration at December’s planning meeting and is on hold while discussions between HS2 and the applicants take place.”