Conservatives hold Kenton ward in Brent

Councillors Reg Colwill, Bhiku Patel and Suresh Kansagra held on to the Kenton ward

Councillors Reg Colwill, Bhiku Patel and Suresh Kansagra held on to the Kenton ward - Credit: Archant

The Conservatives have maintained their stronghold of the Kenton ward with a clean sweep of all three seats.

Reg Colwill, Suresh Kansagra and Bhiku Patel won with votes of 1,796, 1,798 and 1,609, respectively.

Cllr Cowill, who has now served as a councillor for 25 years, said: “It is wonderful to be supported by our residents again. I’m glad the residents see fit to put back in again and look after them. We will serve the as best as we can.

Cllr Kansagra is also the leader of Brent Conservatives, he said: “I am grateful to the residents of Kenton for electing us. The trust they have placed in us, we will promise to repay. We will work hard for them over the next four years.

“We will listen to all their problems and deal with their enquiries and concerns the best we can.”

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Thanking residents, Cllr Patel added: “I like to thanks the residents for voting for us. We will be here to listen to them and help them always.”


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Nadhin AHMED, Labour: 946

Syed ALAM, Labour: 1,139

Graham ALLEN, Green Party: 348

Reg COLWILL, Conservative: 1,796 ELECTED

Lewis HODGETTES, Labour: 1,040

Suresh KANSAGRA, Conservative: 1,798 ELECTED

Bhiku PATEL, Conservative: 1,609 ELECTED

Violet STEELE, Lib Dem: 221

Ieva TOMSONE, Lib Dem: 125

Vivienne WILLIAMSON, Lib Dem: 153

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