Conservative party candidate for Hampstead and Kilburn ward outlines his plans for the area

Simon Marcus ( Pictue: Polly Hancock)

Simon Marcus ( Pictue: Polly Hancock) - Credit: Archant

Simon Marcus also wants to speak to Cricklewood and Kensal Rise Library campaigners

Simon Marcus wants to meet Cricklewood Library campaigners

Simon Marcus wants to meet Cricklewood Library campaigners - Credit: Archant

The Conservative party candidate for the tightly fought Hampstead and Kilburn ward has described it as a “key seat” and outlined his plans for the area.

...and Kensal Rise Library campaigners

...and Kensal Rise Library campaigners - Credit: Archant

Simon Marcus, a current councillor for the Hampstead Town ward, has outlined his priorities and also claimed he is keen to speak with library campaigners in Kensal Rise and Cricklewood.

He said: “I am very keen to meet with them and see what can be done to get the best use of the building.”

Members of the Friends of Kensal Rise and Cricklewood Libraries are currently involved in a dispute with the building’s owners All Souls College in Oxford.

The college are attempting to sell it for flats and have offered a small space for campaigners in both buildings.

Kensal Rise and Cricklewood Libraries alongside four others were shut down in 2011 by Brent Council.

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Mr Marcus added: “I want to see what has been offered and hopefully work with them, from what I have seen it has real community value and shouldn’t go to waste.”

The Hampstead and Kilburn seat is expected to be a closely fought campaign with Labour’s Glenda Jackson claiming victory by only 42 votes in 2010.

Earlier this year Ms Jackson, who has been an MP since 1992, announced she would not be standing again.

Mr Marcus added that he was also keen to work with both Camden and Brent Council’s to improve the state of Kilburn High Road.

The land is shared between both authorities meaning road works, traffic and road resurfacing have often resulted in delays on the road.

Mr Marcus said: “It’s important to get authorities working together but the wider regeneration is important too.

“The further you go down the high road you can see there are people sitting outside in cafes and it has a community feel, that’s something I would like to see more of.”

Simon Marcus was joined by Conservative party chairman Grant Shapps to launch his campaign.

The Liberal Democrats previously announced Emily Frith as their candidate while the Labour Party have yet to announce a potential to succesor Glenda Jackson.