Coalition party launch a petition calling for the resignation of Brent councillor living in Brighton

Cllr Rev David Clues outside his former church

Cllr Rev David Clues outside his former church - Credit: Archant

Brent Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) hope to ‘shame’ Rev Cllr David Clues into stepping down

TUSC hope to 'shame' Cllr Rec David Clues into resigning

TUSC hope to 'shame' Cllr Rec David Clues into resigning - Credit: Archant

A coalition party have launched a petition calling for a councillor in Brent who lives 80 miles from his ward to resign.

Brent Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) hope by gaining signatures from residents in the Dudden Hill ward it will ‘shame’ Rev Cllr David Clues into stepping down.

The Liberal Democrat councillor has clung on to the seat despite moving to Brighton in December 2011 by attending one meeting every six month.

By doing so he can continue to claim an allowance of £7,974 a year for carrying out councillor duties despite claims from furious residents that he has failed to return their calls or email correspondence.

The two other ward councillors, Aslam Choudry and Krupesh Hirani, represent Labour.

John Boyle, Brent TUSC spokesman, told the Times, they will be lobbying the Brent Lib Dems to force him to give up his seat.

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He added: “We think its is a disgrace that this councillor has been able to remain in position for so long under such circumstances, especially in the light of the cuts, closures and job losses which Brent residents have endured. “He no longer offers surgeries in his ward to residents. He is an affront to local democracy.

“I hope we can shame the Brent Lib Dems into making him resign now rather than waiting for the council elections next May.

“It is down to Brent Liberal Democrats to correct this situation by removing Councillor Clues.”

Last week, furious resident Kierra Box, of Roundwood Road, Willesden, jumped on a train and made the 160-mile round trip to confront Cllr Clues after he failed to respond to her emails and phone call.

However he was not in.

The day after Cllr Clues pledged on national television to give up his seat after he was featured on Channel 4’s Dispatches programme.

Calling his position ‘anomalous’, he added: “I’m in the process of resigning. My intention all along was to do what I could for my constituents as long as I could but I recognise that’s not realistic and I don’t think it’s fair on them.”

Last Wednesday the Brent Lib Dems announced he was to resign but refused to disclose a date.

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