View from the chamber: "Brent Council and Labour in general, hate cars"

Jubilee and Metropolitan Line were both partially suspended yesterday

The Metropolitan line has suffered from staff shortages over past weekends - Credit: PA Images

One cannot fail to notice the large number of new developments, some of which are up to 28 floors high. These high rise developments are nearly all taking place in either Wembley or in Alperton, both designated as ‘growth areas’ and both once having been pleasant London suburbs, with low rise suburban housing. Quite apart from the damage done to the street scene, I’m worried about the effect that these tower blocks is going to have on the residents’ mental wellbeing.

Of course all these developments are car free. Save for a few disabled spaces, none of these flats will have any parking spaces, so if you choose to live there, you won’t be able to own a car as you’ll have nowhere to park it and you won’t be entitled to a residents parking permit either.

Cllr Michael Maurice, Kenton ward

Cllr Michael Maurice says the London mayoral elections are a two horse race - Credit: Archant

The simple facts are that Brent Council and Labour in general, hate cars and hate car drivers. If they could banish them from our roads, they would, they want us all to use public transport. The expansion of the ULEZ to the North Circular Road, which starts in October, punishes mainly diesel car and older petrol cars drivers, which are generally owned by the poorer people in our society.

But so many people need a car for work. My main job as an engineer necessitates my having a car to transport all the parts and equipment needed. Many other trades and professions require the use of a car, electricians, gas engineers, cab drivers, mobile hairdressers, shift workers, police officers, healthcare professionals and workers and many others need a car to do their jobs, yet even if they could afford to live there, they can’t because there is nowhere to park their car.

And what about public transport: For the last few weeks, the Metropolitan Line hasn’t been running for parts of the weekend because of staff shortages. Alperton Station is on what is considered by TfL a branch of the Piccadilly Line. 

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Brent Council turned our once lovely peaceful suburbs into an overcrowded concrete jungle to the detriment of all of us already living here.

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