London has become dangerous, overcrowded, polluted and a magnet for criminals

Mayor Sadiq Khan has increased council tax in this year's budget

Elections for the London mayor and Greater London Assembly members will take place in May - Credit: GLA

In a few weeks time, London will once again go to the polls to elect a new mayor and Greater London Assembly. I want you to think long and hard before deciding who to vote for.

The current mayor has presided over a massive increase in murders due to knife crime, a near bankrupt transport system, removal of the planning density matrix, an increase in the Congestion Charge as well as its operating hours, an enforced system of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods which do nothing to solve the traffic problems but increase pollution elsewhere and cycle lanes which are rarely if ever used. He has increased his share of council tax well beyond inflation, this year it’s rocketed by nine per cent.

To cap it all, if he is returned as mayor, the ULEZ will expand to include the area within the North and South Circular roads, which will bring increased expense and misery to thousands.

Cllr Michael Maurice, Kenton ward

Cllr Michael Maurice says the London mayoral elections are a two horse race - Credit: Archant

The expanded ULEZ will not stop the pollution, it will not stop the problem of poor air quality in places such as Kensal Green which is caused by the huge numbers of buses, it’s only cut pollution by 9pc in Central London.

He may also expand the Congestion Charge out to the same area which will affect millions of people and of course hit the poorest harder.

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The mayor effectively banned stop and search because he felt it discriminated against young black people, but who are the victims? Its mainly young black people, in fact he has done the BAME community no favours whatsoever.

The density matrix which the mayor scrapped, was designed to stop overcrowding, but it’s removal has given developers the green light to cram more and more flats in an area, now look at what’s being built.

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Under the current mayor’s leadership, London has become dangerous, overcrowded, polluted and a magnet for criminals.

This election is effectively a two horse race between the current mayor and the Conservative candidate Shaun Bailey and I’m urging you to give your vote to him for a better London. Even if you cannot bring yourself to vote for him as your first choice, please vote for him as your second choice. Remember a vote for anyone other than Shaun Bailey is a vote to keep the current mayor in office.

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